How to Select All Elements Based on Attribute Name

  • I want to parse a website where there is a table and I want to pull out data from there, but the problem is that I dont know how to refer to a spesific cell of the table in the find_all function. For example:

    <td class="... " xyz="opponent"><a href="...">asdf</a></td>

    And I want to find all tds which has the attribute xyz.


  • Hey @mrnuqname

    Thanks for posting.

    I am not sure what exactly you are referring to when you say "data". Do you mean the content of the td element ?

    But is a way to get all elements based on attribute name. In this case the attribute name is "xyz".


    This will give you all elements with the provided attribute name in an array format.

    If you want to get the content of the td element e.g. <a href="...">asdf</a>

    then just call on the .innerHTML method. So document.querySelectorAll('[xyz]')[0].innerHTML; In this example it would get you the innerHTML for the first element only. ([0])

    Keep in mind you might also be able to use document.getElementsByClassName("example") which returns a collection (array) of elements with the provided class name.

    I hope this info is of some use.

  • Thanks for the response!!