Please I'm trying to spend woocommerce order to another website using api, this the code I'm using but it doesn't work pls help me

  • This is the website I’m sending the order to API
    How to Purchase Data via HTTP API
    Data Endpoint URL:
    Request Method: GET
    Field Name Example Value Description
    username Frank The login username/email for your account
    password 123456 The login password for your account
    phone 07045461790 The phone number that will receive the data
    network_id mtn The network_id is used to make each network unique. They include mtn, glo, airtel and etisalat. Notice that they are all in small letters.
    variation_id M1024 The variation ID of the data plan you want to purchase. They are as follows:
    M1024 = MTN Data 1GB (SME) – 30 Days
    M2024 = MTN Data 2GB (SME) – 30 Days
    GIFT500 = MTN Data 2.5GB (Direct) – 30 Days
    5000 = MTN Data 5GB (SME) – 30 Days
    GIFT8000 = MTN Data 8GB (Direct) – 30 Days
    GIFT5000 = MTN Data 15GB (Direct) – 30 Days
    G500 = Glo Data 1GB – 14 Days
    G2000 = Glo Data 5.8GB – 30 Days
    G1000 = Glo Data 2GB/2.5GB – 30 Days
    G2500 = Glo Data 7.7GB – 30 Days
    G3000 = Glo Data 10GB – 30 Days
    G4000 = Glo Data 13.25GB – 30 Days
    G5000 = Glo Data 18.25GB – 30 Days
    G8000 = Glo Data 20GB/25GB – 30 Days
    AIR1000 = Airtel Data 1.5GB – 30 Days
    Air1200 = Airtel Data 2GB – 30 Days
    Air1500 = Airtel Data 3GB – 30 Days
    AIR2000 = Airtel Data 4.5GB – 30 Days
    AIR2500 = Airtel Data 6GB – 30 Days
    Air3000 = Airtel Data 8GB – 30 Days
    Air5000 = Airtel Data 15GB – 30 Days
    Air100000 = Airtel Data 40GB – 30 Days
    9MOB1000 = 9mobile Data 1.5GB – 30 Days
    9MOB2000 = 9mobile Data 2GB – 30 Days
    9MOB3000 = 9mobile Data 3GB – 30 Days
    9MOB34500 = 9mobile Data 4.5GB – 30 Days
    9MOB4000 = 9mobile Data 11GB – 30 Days
    9MOB5000 = 9mobile Data 15GB – 30 Days
    9MOB40000 = 9mobile Data 40GB – 30 Days
    Example [Purchasing Data]
    Sample Response on Success
    {"code":"success","message":"Data successfully delivered","data":{"network":"MTN","data_plan":"MTN Data 1GB (SME) – 30 Days","phone":"07045461790","amount":"NGN319","request_id":"fb69ed8a39ac5684"}}
    Sample Response on Failure
    {"code":"failure","message":"Invalid data variation_id. Please, crosscheck and enter the correct variation_id."}

    This is the name of the products on my website
    MTN 1GB
    MTN 2GB
    MTN 5GB

    GLO 2GB
    GLO 5.8GB
    GLO 7.7GB

    AIRTEL 1.5GB

    9MOBILE 1.5GB
    9MOBILE 4.5GB

    Below is the code I’m trying to use..

    (  // Call API to deliver 
      data Add_action(‘woocommerce_order_status_changed’, ‘sme_data_hub_call_data_api’, 10, 3 );Function sme_data_hub_call_data_api( $order_id, $old_status, $new_status ){
    If( $new_status == “processing”){//Set Your Login Details $vtu_ng_username=’Your_VTU_NG_Username’; //Change this to your Username $vtu_ng_password=’Your_VTU_NG_Password’; //Change this to your Password
    // Get an instance of the WC_Order object
    $order = wc_get_order( $order_id );
    $phone = trim($order->get_billing_phone());
    $items = $order->get_items();
    Foreach ( $items as $item ) {
    $product_id = $item->get_product_id();
    $product_name = strtolower($item->get_name()); } 
     //Assign Network IDs
     If (strpos($product_name, “mtn”) !== false){$network_id=”mtn”;}    
     If (strpos($product_name, “glo”) !== false){$network_id=”glo”;} 
     If (strpos($product_name, “airtel”) !== false){$network_id=”airtel”;} 
     If (strpos($product_name, “9mobile”) !== false){$network_id=”etisalat”;} 
     //Assign variation_ids
     If (strpos($product_name, “mtn 1gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”M1024”;}
     If (strpos($product_name, “mtn 2gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”M2024”;}
     If (strpos($product_name, “mtn 5gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”5000”;}
     If (strpos($product_name, “glo 2gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”G1000”;}
     If (strpos($product_name, “glo 5.8gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”G2000”;}
     If (strpos($product_name, “glo 7.7gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”G2500”;}
     If (strpos($product_name, “airtel 1.5gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”AIR1000”;}
     If (strpos($product_name, “airtel 1.5gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”Air1500”;}    
     If (strpos($product_name, “airtel 1.5gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”AIR2500”;}
     If (strpos($product_name, “9mobile 1.5gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”9MOB1000”;}    
     If (strpos($product_name, “9mobile 3gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”9MOB3000”;}
     If (strpos($product_name, “9mobile 4.5gb”) !== false){$variation_id=”9MOB34500”;}
     //Check to confirm the product is for Data Purchase
     If(strpos($product_name, “gb”) !== false){
     $url =$vtu_ng_username&password=$vtu_ng_password&phone=$phone&network_id=$network_id&variation_id=$variation_id;
     $response = file_get_contents( $url ); 
     $resp_object = json_decode($response);
     $order = new WC_Order($order_id);
     $order->update_status(‘completed’,$product_name. ‘ Data Successfully Delivered to ‘.$phone.’. Reference: ‘.$reference); 
     $order->add_order_note( $product_name. ‘ Data Successfully Delivered to ‘.$phone, true );
        $order = new WC_Order($order_id);
        $order->add_order_note( “Error Processing Order! Error Message: “.$message,true );


    Please the code doesn’t work please help, check what I’m doing wrong..

    I use terrawallet, checkout field options, to edit my woocommerce to my suit..

  • Hey @Miracle-Seriki

    I tried to look into your problem but it's hard to figure out what exactly is wrong unless I can re-create the problem or at least see what error message you are receiving.