Exclude Text from the out put using printf

  • I would like to exclude words from the output of printf, I think this is the correct way to go about it but the page breaks and data disappears, any suggestions thank you.

    function outputPlaylist($playlist) {
    	$entries = parse_m3u($playlist);
    	echo "<pre>\n";
    	foreach($entries as $entry) {
    		if($entry->Artist == $iDontWant1 || $entry->Artist == $iDontWant2 || $entry->Artist == $iDontWant3) continue; 	
    	printf("\"%s\" by %s!\n", $entry['title'], $entry['artist']);
    	echo "</pre>";

    the expected output should be "British" by After Alice!
    not "British" by imm/After Alice!

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